Engineered Resins & Specialty Materials

Noryl® (PPO/PPE)
Electrical, Electronics, Appliance, Housewares, Industrial, Automotive, Residential, Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Lawn & Garden, interior and exterior applications requiring good Impact and chemical resistance

Lexan® (PC, Polycarbonate) 
Automotive, Appliance, Electrical, Electronics Residential Housewares, Telecommunications, Mechanical, Industrial POP/Display, Construction, Industrial, applications requiring toughness exceptional impact and durability at high &/or low temperature

Geloy® (ASA, Acrylic-Styrene-Acrylonitrile) 
Residential, Industrial, Construction, Automotive, Recreational, Lawn & Garden, Utility, Marine Watercraft RV & Manufactured Housing, Chemical Resistant and UV stable exterior applications where color fastness is required

Radel A ( Polyethersulfone)
Lighting, Electric, Electronic, Automotive, Appliance, Industrial interior and exterior applications requiring good thermal properties including high temperature and chemical resistance

Polybutene (Polybutene-1) 
Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Fluid Conveying, Industrial, Residential, applications requiring toughness, flexibility and good impact, tensile strength & pressure resistance

Nylon (Polyamide) 
Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer goods, Electrical & Electronic, Health Care Products, Industrial, Plumbing, Appliance, applications requiring toughness, wear resistance, chemical resistance, lubricity, heat and moisture resistance

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Consumer Goods, Plumbing, Residential, Airline & Aerospace, Industrial, Recreational, RV & Manufactured Housing, interior and exterior applications where moderate strength, good chemical resistance and dimensional stability are required

Xenoy® (PC/PBT Alloy) 
Automotive, Residential, Construction, Lawn & Garden, Recreational, Electrical, interior & exterior applications requiring high heat resistance, low temperature impact strength, inherent lubricity, chemical resistance, UV stability, and good color retention.

Thermoplastic Rubbers & Elastomers
Residential, Construction, Automotive, Appliance, Recreational, Electronics, (TPR/TPE)Medical, Consumer goods, Sports & Leisure Equipment, cold temperature applications requiring specific degrees of hardness and flexibility & chemical resistance including moldings, seals, tubes, edge protectors and similar products

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