Offering better prices and unmatched value isn’t a mystery of science.

At Custom Profiles Incorporated, we have a simple formula:

  • Highly efficient extrusion processes
  • In-house engineering and tooling staff
  • Warehouse space for bulk buying and storage
  • Economical long-run pricing
  • Quality materials for a longer-lasting, more cost-efficient product

We specialize in affordable, high volume extrusion products. If your volume is high enough, we offer reduced die fees and other incentives. Contact us today for a quote by visiting our contact page. Be sure to upload a copy of your print, if you have one available, to assist us in our quoting process. You can also call us, toll-free, at 229-423-2929.229-423-2929.

Custom Profiles Provides First-Rate Quality-Affordable Rate Pricing!

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